Version 0.8.5 Released


1. Changed the .json format content-type to application/json in accordance with RFC 4627

2. Changed the hello_world example api endpoints file so that the engine isn't reloaded on each request; reload="false", which will give the example improved performance.

3. Added more documentation within the "other goodies" section detailing other beneficial features.

4. Cleaned up and clarified some of the other already established documentation.

5. Updated README.txt to reflect the correct installation instructions.

README.txt Instructions Adjustment

I just realized that shortly after I uploaded the first .8 version of PowerNap (.zip) that the README.txt instructions are a bit off; They reference a "com" directory as the root PowerNap directory - you'll of course quickly see after downloading the .zip that there is no "com" directory - no worries, just place the "powernap" directory in the root of your server and it will work fine. I'll make sure to update the readme file in a subsequent release.

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