PowerNap v 0.9.1 Released

* Eliminate unnecessary body/content conversion attempts for GETs and standard FORM posts. vfive

* Fixed a bug in the 'authenticate' method that was not correctly attempting to reference a ColdSpring-managed bean declared as an authenticator in the extended engine. bcarr

* Application.cfc file now included in the /examples/hello_world/ directory. bcarr

* Add documentation note regarding hack for JSONP implementation. vfive

* Fixed non-thread-safe code, eliminating issues that were causing race-conditions (proper var'ing). vfive and bcarr

* Added a 'bootstrapper' configuration option supported by the endpoints.cfm custom tag. This will allow developers to initialize their application by providing an object responsible for any app set-up. Documentation has also been updated. bcarr

PowerNap v 0.9.0 Released

0.9.0 * BIG Thanks to Brian Ghidinelli for providing most of the fixes / enhancements that are included in this latest release.

* Bug fixes for PUT and DELETE operations - can now convert PUT/DELETE content bodies to a key arguments.resource. May need further adjustment to accomodate file uploads.

* Added feature that allows protected Resource to reference the username that was passed into the header via <cfargument name="auth_username" />.

* Changed default response from application/xml to text/xml.

* Changed API attribute "reload" value to "true" so that switching back and forth between ColdSpring and non-Coldspring managed resources will not throw an error.

* Various whitespace-content bugs fixed.

* Added support for HTTP Accept header to specify format, defined in the same way as other formats: format().withExtension("application/vnd.pukkasoft+xml").willRespondWith("application/xml").calls("getAsXML") (even though 'withExtension' isn't completely accurate in its description.)

* Fixed bug in URL Matcher RegExp that was preventing URIs like: /payments/[uuid].xml from picking up the ".xml".

* Added Kevin Miller's xml/json/cf conversion utils library with his permission, integrated it into Engine.cfc.

* Automatic conversion from XML/JSON to an argument collection. Now if you send a JSON/XML representation as the body of a PUT/POST/DELETE, we will automatically deserialize and convert it to arguments so it behaves just like a POST with application/x-www-form-urlencoded. Your resources can expect arguments.* instead of an arbitrary arguments.resource.

* Now returns a 415 Unsupported Media Type when the format requested is not a valid representation for a resource.

* Changed Representation.cfc to return 415 Unsupported Media Type instead of throwing a powernap.core.Representation.AbstractCallException. Also added onMissingMethod to return a 415 for any other representation methods that don't exist.

* Added support for tunnelling PUT/DELETE requests via POST by adding a URL parameter _method=PUT|DELETE.

* Updated documentation to give examples and document new features.

* Added attribution for ConversionUtils.cfc.

* Improve RegExp for authentication so we can include punctuation characters in usernames/passwords. I believe the only requirement is that a : is not included so the RegExp now supports that. Also peeled off the method ("Basic" in this version) in case someone wants to do something more complex in the future. Updated example in hello_world to match.

* Removed read-only CFLOCK on 'endpoints.cfm'.

* Fix Hello World examples not working by improving content-negotiation support. Now supports Accept headers with a list of possible content-types and (optional) preferences. Changed the order of priority to have URL .xml or .json trump the Accept header. This is necessary for browser-based examples to work which always send a (potentially non-optimal for REST) Accept header.

* Fixed a bug with simpleRepresentation() so that developers no longer have to indicate a '.txt' format when returning SimpleRepresentation.

Version 0.8.5 Released


1. Changed the .json format content-type to application/json in accordance with RFC 4627 http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc4627.txt?number=4627

2. Changed the hello_world example api endpoints file so that the engine isn't reloaded on each request; reload="false", which will give the example improved performance.

3. Added more documentation within the "other goodies" section detailing other beneficial features.

4. Cleaned up and clarified some of the other already established documentation.

5. Updated README.txt to reflect the correct installation instructions.

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