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PowerNap Issue: Multiple endpoint files

Name: Multiple endpoint files
ID: 1
Project: PowerNap
Type: Bug
Area: Design
Severity: Normal
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: Ryan McIlmoyl
Created: 10/28/09 10:50 PM
Updated: 10/28/09 10:50 PM
Description: Currently, it is not possible to have multiple endpoint files unless explicitly reloading (via the reload attribute or passing the reload key in the URL). The problem is the cfif statment to determine if the application should be loaded only checkes that the application structure exists, but does not check that the endpoint name exists in the application structure. I have patched the issue in my current application, and can provide you the fix if you would like to see it.
History: Created by ryan.mcilmoyl (Ryan McIlmoyl) : 10/28/09 10:50 PM

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